What is rubisadt Foundation ?

Rubisadt’s girls constitute a dynamic young group of emerging generation of future women scientists soon to be running after graduating from an educational programinitiated in 2001 by a local NGO, the Rubisadt Foundation. Officials say its genesis was motived by a conspicuous apathy towards science and technology education demonstrated by girls in Cameroon. "I was not happy with the way the sciences were taught" says Florence Tobo Lobe, founder and PhD graduate from the University of Paris-Sud France, who returned home in Cameroon in 1973 as a University lecturer in organic chemistry at the then Yaoundé University to find what she termed "appalling realities demanding urgent change".


In Cameroon, women constitute 52% of the population, control 80% of economic activities in the informal sector, but just 4.5% achieve a university education. Because “A nation’s competitiveness depends significantly on whether and how it educates and utilizes its female talents. To maximize its competitiveness and development potential, each country should strive for gender equality — i.e., to give women the same rights, responsibilities and opportunities as men.”(Laura Tyson) In this vein, the RUBISADT Foundation approach aims to empower young women to understand global and continental challenges, develop analytical and problem-solving skills so as to contribute to developing their nation as responsible citizens. To meet these challenges, the Foundation developed and for the last decade successfully implemented an innovative and holistic method of learning that blends gender, science and technology, culture and ethics. As soon as students enroll at the Foundation, the learning process starts with instilling working methods that encourage questioning, problem-solving and autonomy from the teacher. In this vein, after school classes, practical exercises, scientific conferences, excursions, visits of enterprises, debates are organized to build a bridge between concepts and real life situations.

Participation of Rubisadt Foundation represented by Dr.TOBO LOBE Florence at the 38th Session of the Paris General Conference of UNESCO's side-event: promoting and enhancing gender-sensitive STEM education for adolescent girls to support gender equality, 7th november 2015

Opening the event MrQian Tang, Assistant Director-General for Education, said: “There is growing awareness that enhancing girls’ participation and performance in STEM subjects is crucial not only to enhancing girls’ learning opportunities and overall educational attainment but also to empowering them to be able to meet requirements of the labour market for diverse skills and competencies, and to become agents of change and contribute to building equitable, fair and sustainable societies. STEM education can also lead to fostering girls'/women's confidence, which I think is quite an important foundation of their empowerment.”...Read More

WISE 2014: Participation of the Rubisadt Foundation
represented by Dr Florence Tobo Lobe, pre-jury of the Wise Awards

The Rubisadt Foundation as during the three previous years had participated in Doha, Quatar, November 4 - 6 2014 at the sixth World Innovation Summit for Education : WISE 2014 whose theme was "Imagine - Create - Learn : Creativity at the Hearth of Education". Several actors of the development in the domains of the education and the innovation of the world gathered to debate about the challenges facing education. The following questions directed the discussions:
* How do we nurture creativity at all ages, particularly among the youngest?
* How do we design an environment of engaging pedagogies where creative learning and innovative teaching can blossom?
* How do we measure, assess and certify talents and skills in both formal and informal systems?

STI of Morocco: Participation of the Rubisadt Foundation
represented by Dr Florence Tobo Lobe

The African Development Bank and its partners organized the second Ministerial Forum on Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) in Africa. The forum convened at the Hassan II Academy of Science and Technology in Rabat, Morocco from 14-17 October 2014.. The Rubisadt Foundation participated at this conference and was represented by Dr Florence Tobo Lobe.
Session name: STI and job creation: what skills are needed in emerging labor markets in the East African community (EAC) for extractive industries (oil, Gas and Mining). Dr Tobo Lobe elaborated on some questions as: How does Government assess training needs for extractive industry and ensure that the training supply meets the needs of whole economy in quantity and quality (including via regional cooperation and centers of excellence)? How to attract more women in extractive industry-related skills? What are the main challenges? How best could extractive industry contribute to skills development - targeting shortage categories such as geologists, petroleum, mining engineers, environmentalists, etc. - not only for their own workforces, but more widely to expand the skills base in the host country?